Helping the Bride for her Special Day

Have you recently been appointed maid of honour or bridesmaid by one of your close friends? Congratulations! What an exciting event for you to be involved in – what better time is there than watching one of your girlfriends marry the man of her dreams!

Although there is a lot of excitement and fun that comes with being part of the bridal party, it’s unfortunate than stress and worry can’t be completely avoided during this time. Your friend – the bride – will have a lot on her plate, and will likely become a bit stressed at some point leading up to her wedding day. Your friend may even show a little bridezilla!

Your job, as well as standing beside her supporting her on her wedding day, is to be there for the bride. To help her in the months leading up to the wedding, and to take as much stress and anxiety away from her as possible. Bridesmaids can actually make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the wedding – so make sure you put the time and effort in for the couple! It’s likely they’ll return the favour when it comes to your own wedding day. Read more about helping the bride below.

Helping the Bride

Start the planning:

When is the wedding day?

Has the bride set a date for her wedding day yet? If not, it’s a good idea to start putting the idea in her mind. The sooner that the date has been set, the sooner you can get on to planning the wedding. Many wedding related decisions – including hiring a caterer and booking the wedding venue – are done months, sometimes years in advance. So the more time you have to start planning, the more likely you’ll be to actually book in these things.

Have brainstorming begun?

Has the bride started to spin off ideas and inspiration for things she wants for the wedding? Has the wedding dress been discussed, the food been thought about or the ‘theme’ of the wedding been decided yet? Wedding brainstorming is an important part of the wedding planning process, and can really help the bride to start make decisions for her big day. Recommended to the bride that she set aside an afternoon with her bridal party to start writing down ideas. Bring some magazines and have access to the internet so you can start researching. It’s likely the brainstorming process will turn into some decisions being made!

Have tasks been allocated?

One way to take an immense load of pressure off the bride is to allocate different tasks to different people. It’s likely she won’t want to have to organise the men’s wedding attire, so arrange with the groom to get this task sorted. Other things such as wedding invitations, decorations, entertainment and flowers can easily be allocated to other people – meaning less things for the bride to worry about. Make sure that you double check with the bride that she’s OK with the people who are organising the tasks – she may not be OK with her mother in law choosing what music plays on the wedding day!